The AGM is on the 28th of February 2013 at 7.30pm at the Sea Anglers Club in Paignton.

The proposal form will be withdrawn on the 21st of February and no more nominations will be accepted after that date.

All nominations must be proposed by a club member and seconded by a club member.
Current Proposals are as follows:
                                                                         Proposer:                  Seconder:
President:  Terry Ekers                                    Joan Whittle              Karen Gidley                        
Hon. Treasurer:  Gill Knight                             Karen Gidley             Joan Whittle
Hon. Secretary: Joan Whittle                           Rob Harris                Charlie Martin
Skiff Captain: Rob Harris                                 Joan Whittle              Karen Gidley
Gig Captain:                                
Committee Members:
Karen Gidley                                                    Rob Harris                Charlie Martin
Cathy Hellyer                                                   Ana de la Fuente      Sarah Siddall
Sarah Tingle                                                    Jo Drury                    Helen French
Tracey Western                                               Jo Drury                    Helen French
Grace Panter                                                   Helen French            Ana de la Fuente
Ana de la Fuente                                             Tracey Western        Sarah Tingle
Laura Tucker                                                   Sue Cose                  Tracey Western
Please use the form below to submit your proposal for the re-election of existing or election of new committee members.


AGM Proposal Form